Türk Malı − Made In Turkey (TV Series 2010-2017)

Türk Malı (English Title: Made In Turkey) is a sitcom Turkish television series that started broadcasting on Star TV on May 28, 2017. It is the second version of Made in Turkey, which started broadcasting on Show TV on March 15, 2010, and ended with its 33rd episode on January 7, 2011. The new life of Erman Kuzu, who is divorced from Abiye, is told in the series. It ended on September 27, 2017, by making a final in the 8th episode.

Türk Malı Synopsis

Erman and Abiye are married for twenty years and are very squeezed together. They have to tolerate each other. Their life becomes more difficult with two troubled children and a brother-in-law. The life of the Kuzu Family changes with the neighbors moved to the side of the building.

When all the money Erman earns goes to the alimony he gave to Abiye, Erman hits the bottom. He is both homeless and penniless, and as a last resort, he goes to the house of his uncle’s son, the owner of a supermarket chain, Eymen Kuzu, whom he has not seen for years, and asks for help. His uncle’s son, Eymen, is not very interested in Erman, he wants to get rid of him by giving him a little money, but then when Eymen gets into trouble, he leaves the house and entrusts his house and two children to Erman.

Erman suddenly finds himself in a very large mansion, in the middle of a very rich life. From here on out, Made in TurkeyThe new and multi-colored characters of the series come into play. The nanny of the house, Bakiye, is a single woman who thinks she is very knowledgeable and well-mannered but is actually ignorant of the world. Erman gets electricity from Bakiye at first sight and likes her. But Bakiye never gives a face to Erman. Bahattin and Şaduman, who live next door, are very popular and famous couples who have been married for forty years.

After retiring and becoming the man of the house, Bahattin became obsessed with Eastern European and Russian maids working in other houses on the estate because he was bored at home. Bahattin’s number one favorite is Valeri, the beautiful and sexy Ukrainian maid of the neighboring house. However, whenever Bahattin tries to get a little closer to Valeri, he is always caught by his wife Şaduman.


Baybars BilimBakkal
Ferhat SaskinAykut
Safak SezerErman Kuzu
Binnur KayaAbiye Kuzu
Miray AkayGuest star

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