Ustura Kemal − Razor Kemal (TV Series 2021)

Ustura Kemal (English Title: Razor Kemal) is a period series inspired by a true story that started to be broadcast on Show TV as of September 4, 2012, and was canceled on December 8, 2012. The leading roles are shared by Oktay Kaynarca, Naz Elmas, and Emre Kınay.

Ustura Kemal Synopsis

Ustura Kemal is a patriotic, honest, and rowdy man who lived in the last days of the Ottoman Empire. There is also a woman he loves; Gulnaz. There are many in the neighborhood, an example is taken. Ustura Kemal arm wrestled with a man at the Hıdrellez Festival in 1913 . People place bets. Hours later, he beats the man before him. However, a man named Tito takes the coins and tries to escape. At that moment, Razor Kemal, with a strong liver, shouts. The man cannot escape and is frozen with fear. Then Ustura Kemal goes to this man. He draws his face with the razor, which he nicknamed and which he never lost.

Then one day the soldiers go to arrest Ustura Kemal. He is told that there are official authorities behind the man whose face he has drawn and that the man’s blood does not clot. Ustura Kemal and his right hand go to prison. Years pass, and it comes to 1918. Istanbul is under occupation. Her lover Gülnaz has married another man. One day, Ustura Kemal, hearing that the neighborhood coffee house will be turned into a police station by the Italian occupation forces, shouts in anger and decides to escape from prison.

The prison warden gives them (Ustura Kemal, Mountain Bear, and Hekim Bey) the opportunity to escape. He tells them to find the Üsküdar district governor. On the way at night, they encounter British soldiers. And they start to run. As Ustura Kemal and his right arm run away quickly, the old Hekim Bey is out of breath. Ustura Kemal takes him on his back and they take shelter in a cemetery. However, Hekim Bey is dead. His daughter and son are also in trouble.

Ustura Kemal and the Bear of the Mountains (right arm) find the Üsküdar District Governor at Hekim Bey’s funeral and receive their exit permit. This man is patriotic like them. Then, Ustura Kemal learns about the torture places of the British forces. They plan and take action for recovery. Now Ustura Kemal has become an anti-occupation resister.


Oktay KaynarcaUstura Kemal
Naz ElmasAngeli
Emre KinayKomutan Bennet
Ugur KurulAhmet
Ipek KarapinarNihal

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