What did Engin Akyürek say about the TV series “Kaçış”?

Engin Akyürek, both the scriptwriter and the leading actor of the TV series Kaçış “The Escape”, which will meet with its audience on Disney Plus on June 14, is about the series: “We are very excited. Kaçış, which has been in our lives for 1 year, will meet with the audience. We put a lot of effort into it, it’s a job with a lot of trouble. I think we mean it in a very candid way. The audience will tell what’s next. But we did a good job on behalf of my teammates, I hope the results will be good.” used the expressions.

The famous actor is also about the fact that a story he wrote has turned into a series; “For the first time as an actor, I was involved in a journey in something that I dreamed of myself. It was also very enjoyable for me.”

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