When will be the first episode of “Sevmek Zamanı” released?

The release date of ATV’s new series “Sevmek Zamanı”, which is preparing to leave its mark on the summer screen, has been announced. The highly anticipated series will meet with the audience on Monday, June 20.

Sevmek Zamanı

The release date of Sevmek Zamanı, produced by Process Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu-İsmail Gündoğdu, has been announced. The first episode of the series, which continues shooting at full speed and counting the days to meet the audience, will be screened on Monday, June 20, on ATV.

Showing that it will already be among the favorite TV series on the screen with its published trailers, Sevmek Zamanı will tell the heart-touching love story of Firuze (Deniz Işın) and Kağan (İlhan Şen), whose lives completely change in one day and dramatically change each other’s lives.

While Yıldız Hülya Bilban-Ömer Aydın is the director of the series, Yıldız Hülya Bilban-Ömer Aydın is in the general story, Nalan Merter Savaş is in the script, and Cem Öget is in the music.

Ilhan Şen, Deniz Işın, Toprak Can Adıgüzel, Serenay Aktaş, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk, Nimet Iyigun are in the eye-catching cast of Love Time.

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