Yargi Episode 23 English Subtitles Explained

Yargi starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu Episode 23 releases on 6th February on Kanal D at 20:00.

Kanal D’s popular TV series “Yargi”, produced by Ay Yapım and starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, comes to the screen with its new episode. The subject of the new episode of Judgment, whose screenplay was written by Sema Ergenekon and where Ali Bilgin sits in the director’s chair, is as follows.

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What will happen in Yargi Episode 23 English Subtitles?

The video from Engin created a shock effect for Ceylin, who has just gotten over the tension of the trial. In the light of new information and surprising developments that will perhaps radically change the trial process, will Ilgaz be able to continue defending Ceylin with the same faith as the first day?

Yekta Tilmen, who was defeated as a result of the war she waged, struggles with a situation she has never encountered before in her life. However, Yekta, who continues his war without slowing down with his belief that better days will come, is waiting for an unexpected development.

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Pars, who has been dealing with Engin’s case for a long time, is waiting for a brand new case at the courthouse. There will be unexpected developments especially for Derya and the two of them, through this case that will affect everyone deeply.

Difficult days await the duo of Ilgaz and Ceylin, who have managed to get out of every difficult situation they have been in so far. While these two different souls are trying to stay together under all circumstances, they will suddenly find themselves at a difficult turning point.

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“Sometimes, life feels like a hail hit when you have been patient for a winter just when it was about to bloom!”

Ilgaz and Ceylin, on the one hand, continue Ceylin’s journey to acquittal, on the other hand, they are faced with Yekta, who has revealed the war axes. Every step of the way, they have a ruthless enemy who was there before them…

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