Yaz’ın Öyküsü − Yaz’s Story (TV Series 2015)

Yaz’ın Öyküsü (English Title: Yaz’s Story) is a television series in the genre of love and youth that aired on Kanal D between July 5, 2015 and September 27, 2015. Directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın, the series starred Ece Çeşmioğlu, Vildan Atasever, Tansel Öngel, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk and Tarık Özcan Ündüz.

The series is about the life of Yaz, a young girl who grew up in an orphanage. The producer decided to end the series, and with the 13th episode aired on September 27, 2015, the series made its finale due to low ratings.

Original Title:Yaz’ın Öyküsü
English Title:Yaz’s Story
Broadcast Network:Kanal’D
Director:Yagiz Alp Akaydin
Producer:Ayse Durmaz
Writer:Ilker Arslan, Cem Görgeç
Cinematography:Kemal Sözen
Total Episodes:13

Yaz’ın Öyküsü Synopsis

The dreams of Yaz, who grew up in an orphanage and whose biggest desire is to become free and start her own life, have to be postponed due to the events she has caused in the dormitory. Together with his best friend, Ekim, they make plans to escape to Germany. Meanwhile, in the program “Do Not Lose Your Hope”, which October is watching with excitement, Yaz accidentally sees Umut, who claims to be her mother.


Vildan Atasever

Vildan Atasever as Umut

Vildan Atasever (born 26 July 1981) is a Turkish film, TV, and theatrical actress. She started acting at the age of fifteen. Her first major part was in the sitcom Kadın İsterse where she played Hülya Avşar’s daughter.

Vildan Atasever was born on 26 July 1981 in Bursa, Turkey. She played Handan in the film İki Genç Kız (Two Young Girls), also as Hülya Avşar’s daughter, and won 2005 the Golden Orange Award for Best Actress in the Leading Role. In 2006, she was nominated again for her performance in Kader, which won the Golden Orange for Best Film and earned her the Ankara Film Festival award for Best Actress.

Tansel Öngel

Tansel Öngel as Mert

Deniz Tansel Öngel (born 24 September 1976) is a Turkish actor. Öngel is the child of an immigrant family. His paternal grandmother is from Thessaloniki immigrant, while his maternal grandmother is Egyptian, and his grandfather is Lebanese.

He was born in Kilis, where his parents worked as teachers, and later grew up in Ankara. Öngel graduated from the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in 2000 with a degree in theatre studies. In the same year, he started working for the Turkish State Theatres in Trabzon and later joined the Istanbul State Theatre.

Ece Çesmioglu

Ece Çesmioglu as Yaz

Ece Çeşmioğlu (born 26 November 1990) is a Turkish actress. She graduated from the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory.

Ece Çeşmioğlu was born on 26 November 1990 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She started her acting career at the age of 12 in Çocuklar Duymasın. Çeşmioğlu then drew attention with her performances in various TV series. In 2017, she played the character of Zeynep in the series Yüz Yüze.

Çagdas Onur Öztürk as Tunç

Tugçe Açikgöz as Ekim

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