Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu − Yunus Emre: The Journey Of Love (TV Series 2015-2016)

Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu (English Title: Yunus Emre: The Journey Of Love) is a Turkish historical drama television series created by Mehmet Bozdağ, starring Gökhan Atalay in the namesake leading role. It premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey on June 18, 2015. It centers around the life of Yunus Emre, the 13th century Anatolian Sufi poet, who greatly influenced the Anatolian culture.

Original Title:Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu
English Title:Yunus Emre: The Journey Of Love
Genre:Biography, History
Broadcast Network:TRT1
Director:Emre Konuk, Kamil Aydin
Producer:Mehmet Bozdag, Mustafa Tatçi
Writer:Mehmet Bozdag
Cinematography:Ercan Isik
Total Episodes:45

Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu Synopsis

THE JOURNEY OF LOVE Within the Anatolian Seljuk State, the Mongolian influence manifests itself everywhere, from state administration to religious fatwas. Anatolian Seljuk Chief Vizier Muinuddin Pervane, who administered and directed the state as the Mongols desired, disregards the merits of his appointments to the authorities. The fact that the administration is not incompetent hands also disrupts the unity and peace in the society.

YUNUS EMRE THE ONLY RECIPE OF THE BROKEN ORDER The recipes produced for the solution of this process that led the Anatolian Seljuks to extinction are the center of a separate conflict. Scholars and sheiks who were the opinion leaders of the period, as well as madrasas, sects, dervish lodges, which are non-governmental organizations, In the process of getting the prescriptions prepared by institutions such as ahi quarry to be accepted, tough discussions are going on.

While this was the case in the 13th century, Yunus, the hero of our story, sets out for Sivrihisar with the aim of fulfilling his duty by gaining strength from his knowledge. On the way, he meets an old man whom he does not know is Tapduk Emre and befriends him… During his travels, he talks to the old man about the education he received and that he is a kadi. From his speeches, it is clear how much Young Yunus cares about his cadi and the madrasah education he received. Dolphin; is a judge in the Sivrihisar township; He is trying to rebuild the order of merit, which was destroyed by the Mongol oppression.

Because, according to Kadi Yunus, salvation can only be achieved through the establishment of the order of merit. Dolphin; He is the manager of the district sitting in the highest authority. As soon as he started his duty in Sivrihisar, this fatwa of Yunus, who gave a fatwa for the execution of the suspect in a death row, was shown to Sheikh Tapduk Emre by his close relatives. Tapduk Emre declares that the fatwa is wrong and the verdict is invalid.

The claim that the provision was wrong by a sheikh named Tapduk Emre makes Yunus very angry. When he arrives at Tapduk Emre’s lodge to invite him to prove his claim, he sees that he is the old man he was accompanying, and he is stunned… THE HERO WHO RECOGNIZES TIME YUNUS EMRE After Tapduk Emre proves his claim with sources, Yunus will find himself in a great spiritual shock. He was educated in the best madrasas, but this half-informed and illiterate sheikh has overthrown all of his knowledge and rank… The questioning he went through will lead Yunus to new questions.

What is information? What is it to have knowledge? How does an illiterate sheikh know that he did not know with all these years of madrasa education? If he is illiterate despite knowing these things, what is illiteracy? As a result of this trial, Tapduk goes to Emre and gives him allegiance. He wants to be his disciple. Tapduk Emre does not accept Yunus’s oath and sends him by advising him for justice… Now Yunus has completely turned himself in.

The depression of Yunus, who constantly dreams of bad dreams, grips his soul day by day… Yunus goes to Tapduk Emre’s presence once again. In the face of Yunus’ insistence, Tapduk Emre says that he has to distribute all his material and moral savings in order to embark on this path. Yunus takes off his robe to be a servant to Tapduk and resigns from being a judge. Tapduk tells him to abandon his science along with his office. For this reason, he recites ‘I don’t know’ to Yunus and dresses him in a dervish cardigan… As an ordinary dervish like everyone else, Yunus, who aspires to take the path of truth, embarks on the path of seeking the truth as a result of this transformation he has experienced.

The Journey of Love When Yunus Emre comes to the end of this journey, he will turn into a hero whose word dominates time. HAMDIM, PİŞTİM, FIRED Yunus Emre entered Tapduk Emre’s cauldron to get rid of his rawness and cook. Yunus, who left his office and position and started his life in a lodge by joining Tapduk, is in this burning phase of his journey to perfection; He will be put through a chain of tests that are very harsh and aggravating by his Sheikh Tapduk Emre, who also has a majestic side.

These tests, the principles that make up the sect world, the educational methods, will consist of stories adorned with rituals and symbols. On the other hand, Yunus, who is physically busy with ordinary affairs, will witness the struggles for the self in the lodge, although he is not a party to these struggles; He will deal with the hostile feelings and attitudes of Molla Kasım, who is the caliph of Tapduk Emre and wants to marry Bacım Sultan, the daughter of Tapduk Emre, and sit on the post.

During this time, he is subjected to a character analysis by his Sheikh Tapduk Emre, and the “delicious x-ray” of Yunus is taken, so to speak, by Tapduk. The Journey of Love Yunus Emre will be the architect of a completely different narrative. After his time in the lodge, he is self-confident; The young Kadi Yunus, who has a madrasah and is in office, has gone and Derviş Yunus has come. But the struggle he embarked on in the path of truth and the tests he took are not over yet.

On the one hand, Yunus continues on the Journey of Love in ways that his Sheikh deems appropriate for him; On the other hand, Mullah Kasım, who sees himself as a rival, is considered an enemy. How will Yunus respond to these selfish attacks of Molla Kasım and how will he fight his accusations and slanders? In fact, it is a story of an unending road, Yunus Emre’s Journey of Love…

At the end of his journey, he will experience Yunus’s exquisite struggle that will prepare him for the next stage of his journey, which is burnt, in its most severe form, and the strongest aspects of Yunus’s soul, who are subjected to severe tests, will be rasped! The Journey of Love Yunus Emre will reveal the stages of his struggle for the soul and this process; by the Sheikh of a dervish who set out on the path of truth, consisting of training containing his own methods, excited, will tell a story that is curious and engrossing the viewer.

Derviş Yunus, who was cooked raw in the Tapduk Emre quarry, where he left office when he was a young kadi years ago, is now in the last stage of his journey to the truth. Yunus’s hair and beard began to turn white, as he was getting old. The Journey of Love Yunus Emre, now a master of rights, after serving the dervish lodge for years, was sent from the dervish lodge based on gossip by Molla Kasım, and when he came back, he received the ‘Say Yunus’ compliment from Tapduk Emre. The Journey of Love, Yunus Emre, is a door where its passenger never ends.

HAK ERENİ Aşık Yunus, who was trained by his Sheikh for years and completed the path of perfection, will begin to speak the truth in him in the form of “poetry” with this compliment of his sheikh. The Journey of Love The apparent reason why Yunus Emre’s truth was bestowed as a poem is that the most valid means of guidance in the time of Prophet Yunus was the word, that is, the word. His poetry is a recipe for humanity, salvation, which reaches the people who seek salvation the fastest in its time, which every person can reach without paying a material price, and which heals every heart without separating the creature.

He has now become a God of Rights, who has removed himself and conveyed only what is right to people, who mediates himself. Tapduk Emre, who says that there cannot be two sheikhs in one coat anymore, is sent from the lodge to say the word of God from land to land. Yunus now; one day, when he was a young kadi, he knows what salvation is for which he thought as a cure, and he tells it to the lands. Anatolian social. In his most turbulent days administratively and culturally, He travels across the land and walks on the path of making hearts, which he knows as the only recipe for salvation.

From now on, his poems will take their place in every language and in every heart over time. – It is a story of an endless road, in fact, The Journey of Love Yunus Emre… – The story of a hero whose word rules over time… – I was raw, I cooked, I burned… – The inner journey of the folk hero… – The righteous Yunus Emre…


Gökhan Atalay as Yunus Emre

Payidar Tüfekçioglu as Tabduk Emre

Baran Akbulut as Molla Kasim

Mehmet Çepiç as Ahi Mesud

Mehmet Ali Tuncer as Boluluzade Ali Taygu

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