Adi Mutluluk − Name Is Happiness (TV Series 2015)

Adi Mutluluk (English title: Name Is Happiness) developed by Aksel Bonfin and Hakan Bonomo. Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Kaan Yıldırım took thelead roles. The series, which premiered on June 23, 2015,aired on FOX . Ali Gündoğdu was the producer of the series made by Süreç Film .

The series is about the experiences of Batu, who lives in Izmir and who won a university in Istanbul, hidden from his father, and who accidentally came across him, leaving the house to go to Istanbul and trying to stand on his feet alone. The series was removed from the air in the 17th episode on the grounds that there was not enough audience.

Adi Mutluluk Synopsis

In the Happiness column, starring Kaan Yıldırım and Ezgi Eyüpoğlu, the lives of newcomers to Istanbul will be told. The beach is the unhappy daughter of a wealthy family. The camp, which lives and lives like his father wants, is an opportunity for the university to break this chain.

She wants to be a student at a university of engineer in İzmir and Kumsal chooses a university in Istanbul. Despite his father’s opposition, he is determined to go to Istanbul. With his meeting with Batu, he is encouraged to pass this verdict to life. Batu and Kumsal, who have started to negotiate very well in a short time, start to dream of the university in Istanbul.

The Series tells the story of a journey of freedom from Izmir to Istanbul with the acquisition of a university in Istanbul hidden from the father of Kumsal (Ezgi Eyüpoğlu); My Name is happiness!

Thanks to Batu (Kaan Yıldırım), whom she met on the day she took his father, Kumsal decided to go to Istanbul to look for happiness; She leaves the house just like her mother did years ago and finds herself in a dorm room! Kumar is now in Istanbul. This is where Kumsal will learn to stand on its own feet, learn loneliness, frustrations, and friendship.


Dilara AksüyekDolunay
Begüm AtakIpek
Zeynep BastikGonca Gül Duran
Asli BekirogluSera Yüksel
Fatih DönmezTaylan Yüksel

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