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Ah Nerede Episode 1 is a Turkish made romantic comedy television series directed by Bülent İşbilen, written by Kübra Sülün and Meryem Demirli. It stars Nil Keser and Oktay Çubuk in the leading roles. It will be broadcasted on Star TV. The series is an adaptation of Orhan Aksoy’s 1975 film ‘Ah Nerede’.

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What will happen in Ah Nerede Episode 1 English Subtitles?

Ferit, the son of a traditional family from Bursa, lives in Istanbul with his brothers and sisters. Ferit, a casanova who manages three young women at the same time, has built his life on a perfect balance. Until he is caught…

His life turns upside down when the three women reveal Ferit to her father to take revenge. In the game Ferit enters to take back his life, and the only person who can help him will be Zehra. 

Zehra, on the other hand, is a sane person who is far from games and has her feet on the ground. Years ago, her own life was turned upside down, she had to drop out of medical school, and she devoted herself to her family. She gets a chance to regain her life with the amnesty from the university. Zehra and Ferit, whose lives, families, and paths are completely different from each other, will try to combine their paths for the sake of their interests.

However, Ferit is unaware that in this game she has set up, the main game is played for herself.

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Ah Nerede Episode 1 Release Date

Ah Nerede (Oh Where) Turkish Drama Series Episode 1 starring Nil Keser and Oktay Çubuk premieres on Star TV in Turkey on 1st July 2022.

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