Alemin Kıralı − King Of The Realm (TV Series 2011-2013)

Alemin Kıralı (English Title: King Of The Realm) is a Turkish television series in the genre of sitcom and absurd comedy, produced by Process Film and broadcast on ATV between 2011 and 2013. The leading roles in the series are Oya Başar, Şafak Sezer, Evrim Akın, Metin Yıldız and Zeynep Gülmez.

Original Title:Alemin Kıralı
English Title:King Of The Realm
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Derya Yaruc, Bulent Isbilen
Producer:Ozlem Taspinar
Writer:Kemal Kenan Ergen
Cinematography:Mustafa Nuri Eser
Total Episodes:67

Alemin Kıralı Synopsis

In the series, Şafak Sezer plays a modest shopkeeper who sells worms, leeches, rabbits, and similar animals in the pet shop. The course of Aslan’s (Safak Sezer) life, who has not been able to attract the attention of his arrogant mother-in-law Nobility (Oya Başar) for years, suddenly changes when his father-in-law, Nejat, dies by saying, “My wife, daughters, and grandchildren are entrusted to you…”in his last breath.

While coping with the requirements of being the father of three daughters, Aslan suddenly finds himself as the inner bridegroom in the house of the insomniac Nobility, where six women live, while trying to keep his promise to his father-in-law, funny events happen. Aslan, who is already from the village and is a conservative, becomes more paranoid and jealous among the women in the house…


Elvin Levinler as Ayben Kiral

Esvet Sahin as Furkan

Cengiz Esiyok as Fuat

Ramazan Dogan as Janitor

Baris Kislak as Profesor

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