Son Nefesime Kadar Episode 2 English Subtitles Explained

Son Nefesime Kadar is a Turkish Drama Series featuring Nurgül Yeşilçay as Mihri and Emre Bey as Ejder in leading roles. Son Nefesime Kadar Episode 2 will be broadcasted on 2nd March 2022 at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Son Nefesime Kadar Episode 2 English Subtitles?

Mihri is sure that Ejder is involved in a crime again. He pursues the evidence he finds in the abandoned house. On the other hand, Suzan is deeply saddened by not being able to tell anyone that Hazan was kidnapped because of Cihangir’s admonitions.

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When Hayri realizes that the kidnapping incident he was involved in will not end as smoothly and without incident, as he was told, he decides to listen to the voice of his conscience.

Emre and Saliha give a dinner party at home. Mihri, Umut and Emel also attend the dinner.

However, when everyone reveals the stones they have accumulated on their skirts for years, the unclosed notebooks will be reopened and reckoning will be inevitable.

Son Nefesime Kadar Last Episode Summary

When the public order police Mihri arrives in front of the police station, she meets her ex-husband Ferzan.

Ferzan tells her that Ejder is out of prison. Mihri is horrified. Because eight years ago, Ejder turned his life upside down. The moment she hears that he has been released, she goes crazy.

Mihri immediately takes action. She has to catch him and put him back behind bars. Because Ejder is a potential criminal who can harm others at any moment…

Mihri must protect the innocent in the county from someone like her. At the head of those, she must protect is his grandson Umut, the only heirloom from his daughter.

She increases some protection measures at home. Hope rebels against it. Emel, her sister’s right-hand man, and her usual assistant; tries to calm her sister’s panic mood, but she will go so far as to push the limits of her profession in order to catch Mihri Ejder.

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