Ask ve Gurur − Love And Pride (TV Series 2017)

Ask ve Gurur (English Title: Love And Pride) is a Turkish drama featuring Damla Sönmez as Zeynep & Mert Firat as Kenan.

Original Title:Ask ve Gurur
English Title:Love And Pride
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Taner Akvardar, Gökçin Dokumaci
Producer:Hayri Aslan
Writer:Mehmet Güzelbeyoglu
Total Episodes:6

Ask ve Gurur Synopsis

In the series of “Love and Pride”; Zeynep meets young businessman Kenan at the wedding of her childhood friend Taylan, whose marriage she witnessed. Although their characters are opposite to each other, a great attraction begins between the two. At the same wedding, her best friend Murat, who has been in love with Zeynep since childhood, also proposes marriage. Zeynep’s father Ahmet, unaware of the family, invested his last money in a job.

As a result of successive setbacks, the business collapses and the family falls into great debt. Meanwhile, Zeynep quits her job. The new job she found thanks to Taylan is in Kenan’s company. The diary that Zeynep finds in the basement of the house and belongs to the previous owner will be the key to a great secret.


Damla Sönmez

Damla Sönmez as Zeynep

Tilya Damla Sönmez (born 3 May 1987) is a Turkish theater, film, and television actress. She gained worldwide recognition for her movies Sibel and I Am You. Her prominent TV roles include Ceylan in Bir Aşk Hikayesi, Gülru in Güllerin Savaşı, and Efsun in Çukur.

Damla Sönmez is an only child born to parents of Circassian descent. Her father is an engineer and programmer, and her mother works as an architect. Her biggest passion as a child was theater and cinema. She began to study at theater studios early on. During her school years, Damla constantly played on stage and began to appear in commercials on television. In those years she was promised a great future already.

Mert Firat

Mert Firat as Kenan

Mert Fırat (born 10 January 1981) is a Turkish actor and screenwriter. He took the Radio & Television courses in Sweden after graduation from high school. After that, he got back to Ankara and took acting courses at Ankara University.

Mert Firat was born in Ankara, Turkey. He took the Radio & Television courses in Sweden after the graduation from high school. After that he got back in Ankara and took acting courses in Ankara University. He graduated in 2006. He wrote two cinema films with Ilksen Basarir, Baska Dilde Ask and Atlikarinca. Moreover, he is acting as Caesar in Antonuis and Kleopatra theatre in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tülin Özen as Turkan

Lila Gürmen as Sevval

Ayris Alptekin as Sükran

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Show TV

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  1. I am watching it on prime with English captions are there more episodes? It doesn’t end on prime please where else can I watch it


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