Baba Episode 13 English Subtitles Update

Baba Episode 13 Turkish Drama Series featuring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş which will be broadcast on Show TV on 17th May 2022.

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What will happen in Baba Episode 13 English Subtitles?

Realizing that he was ambushed by İlhan, Kadir is saved by Büşra’s move.

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While there is a big confrontation between İlhan and Kadir, Kadir realizes that İlhan will not stop. Ilhan’s target is Kadir’s loved ones this time. Emin and his family, who are trying to get used to their new life, start working to make a living. Seeing that the family is still alive and happy despite everything, Servet tries to make the family uneasy. Running to Sevil, who is in trouble, Kadir has an unexpected goodbye. While Ilhan uses Emin in the game he will play against Kadir, Kadir finds himself in flames.

Baba Last Episode Summary

Servet’s leadership splits the family into two. Kadir, who is in custody, encounters an unexpected person in custody.

Emin, who takes over his family again, is devastated by the news he receives during his search for a house. When Kadir learns what Servet has done, his confrontation with his brother becomes very harsh. Ilhan, who blames Kadir for his father’s death, comes face to face with Büşra.

While Büşra, who is visiting her family, gets an unexpected response from Emin, Kadircan, who learns Cansu’s true face, finds herself in a big dilemma. İlhan makes a very dangerous decision to make Kadir pay the price.

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