Baba Episode 14 English Subtitles Update

Baba Episode 14 Turkish Drama Series featuring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş which will be broadcast on Show TV on 24th May 2022.

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What will happen in Baba Episode 14 English Subtitles?

Kadir manages to get rid of the fire with the help of the locals. Realizing that he cannot protect his family in this way, Kadir attacks to stop İlhan.

Büşra decides to find out who killed Ferit in order to put an end to this conflict. Cansu suspects that Şahika and Kürşat are not siblings. When he tells it, Servet does not take him seriously. While Kübra tries to prove Cansu wrong, she learns Kürşat’s true identity.

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While the Saruhan people who left the mansion are building their new lives together, Kürşat and Şahika’s surprise plan turns the lives of those who stay in the mansion upside down. Worried by Kadir’s consecutive moves, İlhan wants to secure his wealth.

Believing that she will end the fight in this way, Büşra approaches Ferit’s killer step by step, and the tension between İlhan and Kadir reaches its peak with Kadir’s last move.

Baba Last Episode Summary

Realizing that he was ambushed by İlhan, Kadir is saved by Büşra’s move.

While there is a big confrontation between İlhan and Kadir, Kadir realizes that İlhan will not stop. Ilhan’s target is Kadir’s loved ones this time. Emin and his family, who are trying to get used to their new life, start working to make a living. Seeing that the family is still alive and happy despite everything, Servet tries to make the family uneasy. Running to Sevil, who is in trouble, Kadir has an unexpected goodbye. While Ilhan uses Emin in the game he will play against Kadir, Kadir finds himself in flames.

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