Bad news from Can Yaman’s series Sandokan!

Before Covid-19, the new ambitious Lux Vide project about the remake of the Sandokan mini-series was on everyone’s lips. Can Yaman as the Malaysian Tiger and Luca Argentero as his faithful friend Yanez will take the lead roles in the series, whose work has resumed despite the slowdown. So why are there rumors that the Italian actor is one of the main reasons for the interruption of the show once again? Let’s learn the truth together…

Since the beginning of the project, Can Yaman and Luca Argentero have appeared together frequently between dinners and casual encounters to promote the project, until they start talking about a possible conflict between the two. So, is “Sandokan and Marianna” put on hold due to disagreements between the two actors? Absolutely not, in fact, the rumors about the tumultuous relationship between Yaman and Argentero turned out to be an erroneous derivation of the gossip sites. However, the fact remains that Luca Argentero remains one of the main reasons why the Italian public had to wait until about 2024 to see the long-awaited remake of Sandokan. And now we explain why…

The director of Rai Fiction recently announced the schedule for the 2022/2023 TV season regarding the television series to be broadcast on ‘Prime Time’, and the name “Sandokan” is not among them. In fact, it looks like Luca Argenterò will be busy with the third season of Doc – In Your Hand, while the television series is scheduled to shoot this summer.

As a result, it seems that the continuity of the already started series was preferred instead of starting the shooting of the highly anticipated remake of Sandokan with Can Yaman since it is not so easy to commute from Thailand to work on both projects.

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