Balkan Ninnisi Episode 10 English Subtitles

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 10 which will be broadcasted on 6th September 2022. Balkan Ninnisi is a Turkish-made television series. Erdal Özyağcılar, Özlem Türkad, Merih Öztürk and Emre Bey are in the lead roles.

What will happen in Balkan Ninnisi Episode 10 English Subtitles?

It is very difficult to describe what happened to Süleyman, Arif, and Daniel, who were expelled from the house and faced problems opening old notebooks in the village where they found themselves while searching for a place to camp in the forest. When they tell about how they ended up in that village and the events they experienced at the wedding, the family members become restless. 

Neriman and Elena in particular are terrified when they learn that Solomon has encountered his old enemy. Suleiman, who remembers what he went through in the past and is sad, decides to leave Skopje instead of experiencing the same things. Jovanka and Ertan, who rolled up their sleeves to dissuade Süleyman from this decision, begin to investigate what happened in the past. While they go through the old notebooks, all the balances in the mansion are turned upside down.

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Balkan Ninnisi Last Episode Summary

With the arrival of Aunt Güldaniye to the mansion, no one will have peace of mind. Aunt Güldaniye, who has taken the list of single candidates to marry young people, is determined to try every possible way to get Ertan and Ayşen married. Seeing that Neriman is very upset about this situation, Süleyman regrets bringing his aunt to the mansion.

Jovanka, whose heart was broken on the night of shaving, sets out to go to Vienna despite all the insistence of Ertan. She is determined to forget about Ertan and throw it out of her heart. On the other hand, Süleyman, Arif, and Daniel, who were expelled from the house, find themselves in great trouble in an unexpected way. Unable to reach them, the people of the mansion set out to look for them in panic.

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 10 Release Date

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) Turkish Drama Series Episode 10 starring Merih Öztürk and Emre Bey premieres on TRT1 in Turkey on September 6, 2022, at 20:00.

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