Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay shared the pic of their daughter!

Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç couple, who met on the set of the Deliha movie, brought their 6-year relationship to the wedding table in July 2020. Recently, the famous couple took their daughter in their arms and experienced the happiness of being parents for the first time. Gupse Özay shared a fun post with her daughter and dog named Jan Asya.

Actress Gupse Özay joined her life with Barış Arduç, an actor like herself, with a simple wedding ceremony held in Çeşme in July 2020. The couple, who met on the set of the movie Deliha, whose script was written by Gupse Özay, and whose friendship soon turned into love, took their daughter, whom they named Jan Asya, in their arms after they entered the house. The name that the couple gave to their daughters fell like a bomb on the agenda of social media. Gupse Özay shared a moment of her daughter Jan Asya and her dog with her followers on her Instagram account.


Gupse Özay shared the pic of their daughter

The famous couple, who took their daughters in their arms in the second year of their marriage, did not prefer to share frequently on their social media accounts. Gupse Özay also made a move after Barış Arduç shared with his daughter. While the beautiful actress is holding her daughter in her arms, she draws the eyes of her cute dog and says, “No, what jealousy?” she added the note.

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