Benim İçin Üzülme − Do Not Worry For Me (TV Series 2012 – 2013)

Benim İçin Üzülme (English title: Do Not Worry For Me) is a Turkish television series that was broadcast on the private broadcaster ATV on November 6, 2012. Season 2 started on the private broadcaster Show TV. The idea for the series came from the Turkish singer and now director Mahsun Kirmizigül, who is also the main director of the series. on April 29, 2014.

The TV series is about the love of the Kurdish seasonal worker Buke ( Fulya Zenginer ) for Larsen Niyazi ( Tansel Öngel ). The series was shot in northeast Turkey (especially in Hopa and Rize ), but also in Georgia (in Batumi ).

Benim İçin Üzülme Synopsis

The Kurdish seasonal worker Buke comes to Hopa in northeastern Turkey with her father to work as a tea picker. She falls in love with her employer’s son – Niyazi – and he with her. At first, they keep their love a secret, but when Niyazi’s blood brother – Harun – also falls in love with Buke and even wants to marry her, Buke confesses her love for Niyazi to her father. For Harun, who found out about this, his best friend Niyazi died and from that day on a deep hatred began.

On the day of Niyazi’s and Burke’s engagement, Ahmed, Niyazi’s brother, is accidentally shot by one of Burke’s cousins, who also fell in love with her. This actually wanted to kill Niyazi. The killer later commits suicide while being chased by the Jandarma. Ahmed’s death affects Niyazi’s mother and sister very much and since then they have started to terrorize Buke.

The first season ends with Harun, who was on the run because he had stabbed Niyazi with a knife, accidentally shoots Buke.

In the second season we learn that Buke can never have a child with this shot, which is why she separates from Niyazi and meets with Harun.


Özlem BaskayaFehime
Selin SekerciIrmak
Fulya ZenginerBuke
Erkan BektasMustafa (2012)
Öykü CelikBahar

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  1. I am wondering,why the guy playing as Organ is not mentioned at all ,in my opinion he had a difficult job and he did it wonderfully.what is his name.He need recetnitin for his good work.

    • Exactly!! I’m wondering the dame thing. Sometimes i wonder what’s on these writers minds it’s like a jigsaw puzzle with a whole lot of missing pieces the often give the people that don’t deserve it a happy ending. Like for instance Yasar, and Anna why not Ohan’s Mother and Father.


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