Bu Sayilmaz − This Does Not Count (TV Series 2017)

Bu Sayilmaz (English Title: This Does Not Count) is a Turkish comedy-drama featuring Binnur Kaya as Küçük Semiha & Settar Tanriögen as Cengiz.

Bu Sayilmaz Synopsis

A family built by, Big sister “Melek Sayilmaz”, Brother “Armagan Sayilmaz”, and little sisters “Biricik” and “Cansin” live a boring life in Istanbul. The biggest will of Melek Sayilmaz in life is getting rid of her brother and sisters raised by herself alone in order to escape to the dreamy town Bodrum with the first ride. However, the big sister Melek does not count as an angel.


Binnur KayaKüçük Semiha
Settar TanriögenCengiz
Mustafa ÜstündagArmagan Sayilmaz
Nergis ÖztürkMelek Sayilmaz
Derya SensoyCansin Sayilmaz

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