Burak Deniz signs agreement with Disney Plus for new series

Disney Plus, which is preparing to enter the Turkish market very quickly, has signed another agreement with a very famous name for the series. Disney Plus, which is preparing to start broadcasting in Turkey this summer, has been receiving news of new deals one after another.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the last name Disney Plus agreed with was Burak Deniz.

Burak Deniz will shoot a series for the platform. Before Burak Deniz, Disney Plus signed an agreement with Cansu Dere.

Burak Deniz, who appeared in front of his fans with Maraşlı, which was broadcast on the national channel of Turkey and lastly on ATV, then took a role in Ferzan Özpetek’s Cahil Periler (meaning: Ignorant Fairies) series for Italy.

Afterward, Burak Deniz, who shared the lead role with Serenay Sarıkaya in the Şahmaran series shot for Netflix, still continues the shooting of the movie “Gidenler”, which is available on Netflix.

Burak Deniz, whose star is shining with each and every project, was the last one to agree with Disney Plus. Thus, the platform added a new one to the bomb deals it signed one after the other.

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