Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç are coming together with the Kara Tahta series!

The shooting of TRT 1’s new series ‘Kara Tahta’ has started. The cast of the series includes names such as Furkan Andıç, Miray Daner and Cengiz Bozkurt.

While Ender Mihlar sits in the director’s chair of the ‘Kara Tahta’ series, Erkan Birgören writes the screenplay.

When will the Blackboard series start?

Since the news of the series began to come out, the release date has been among the curious elements. While the fans of the two successful actors in the leading roles were impatiently waiting for the series to come to the television screens, they began to research when the Kara Tahta series would be released, with the release date announced. The Blackboard series, ‘Kurulus: Osman’, ‘Sadakatsiz’, ‘Oglum’ and ‘Son Nefesime Kadar’, will be included in the race on Wednesday evening, and it is preparing to take its place on TRT 1 screens on March 30 with its first episode.

Kara Tahta Teaser

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