Burcu Özberk is tired of love claims! “I’ll tell you if I have a Boyfriend”

She responded to the love allegations about Burcu Özberk, who played the leading role in the series Aşk Mantık Revenge and made a name for herself recently. Özberk told reporters, “Your co-star İlhan Şen called you ‘my love’ in the story you published on Instagram the other day. Love news has come out, what would you like to say?” answered the question.


Burcu Özberk said, “Ilhan is a very close friend of mine, and Sarp Şardan and I have heard of separation news, but we have never been together. She also dated Serkay Tütüncü in the past months, for example, my friend Murat Kazancıoğlu, I will meet him soon, but he is also my friend. If I have a boyfriend, I will tell you anyway.”

Burcu Özberk and Ilhan Sen

Burcu Özberk, who does not fall on the agenda of the magazine with her private life as well as her acting performance, according to the news of Milliyet, Regarding the finale of Aşk Mantık İntikam, “We had a good season. We are getting ready for the summer with this happiness and the happiness of doing a long job. It was a nice set, a very nice team. We worked very happily. It is also very nice that everyone hugs each other and finishes this job at the end of the job.” “There is a sadness because I want to work with those people over and over again, but there is also the pride of shooting a 42-episode job. Sweet feelings all come together,” he said.

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