Camdaki Kiz Episode 38 English Subtitles Update

Camdaki Kiz Episode 38 Turkish Drama starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Serifoglu releases on 7th April on Kanal’D at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Camdaki Kiz Episode 38 English Subtitles?

Will Feride be able to stop Nalan and Hayri’s rapprochement?

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Nalan, who meets with Hayri again by listening to her heart, even though her logic says otherwise, is caught by Feride. Feride, who is afraid of what may happen between Nalan and Hayri, decides to move to Koroğlu Mansion to prevent this. Cavit, who goes to see Pervin, suspects that Rafet and Pervin have a past. When Muzo takes refuge in Pera when he is sad, the closeness between the two increases. Finding Hayri’s lost wallet, Nalan will face the truth she feared.

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Will Nalan surrender to her feelings towards Hayri?

Nalan, who cannot get over the shadow of her past, regrets that she has gotten closer to Hayri. Sedat, who is afraid of his father and Feride, has a hard time because of Cana’s insistence. Realizing that Muzo is in pain, shows up unannounced. Selen sees Rafet and Pervin together for the second time, and she tries to figure out what is going on. As for Feride, she keeps a watchful eye on Nalan and Hayri.

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