Camdaki Kiz Episode 82 English Subtitles Release Date

Camdaki Kız Episode 82 Turkish Drama starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Serifoglu releases on 15th June on Kanal’D at 20:00 in Turkey.

Camdaki Kız Episode 81 Recap

Laz Girl is on the back of Hayri and Türkan!

Hayri, who promised Laz Daughter that he would divorce her, is stuck in a corner and, convincing Türkan, he goes to the courthouse again and again. The Laz Girl is on the back of both Türkan and Hayri. While Billur was very happy with the news he received; She is also very worried about Nalan, who has locked herself in the house. Sedat sees Nalan in front of the psychiatric center and wonders what happened to him. Rafet, on the other hand, visits Nalan when he hears that she is unhappy. After learning that Hayri was divorced before, the Laz Girl gets very angry with Hayri and goes against him.

Camdaki Kız Episode 82 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Camdaki Kız Episode 82 Summary?

Laz surrenders after stabbing her daughter Hayri. Hayri’s death shook Nalan, Türkan and their daughters. Nalan also learns the truth about Laz Kızı and Hayri. The biggest help at the funeral comes from Sedat and surprises everyone.

One year later, Nalan and Sedat started a completely different life. The two relive their first meeting years later. This time, as two completely different people, a decision comes out of the table that makes everyone happy. For both Nalan and Sedat and the others, life is back on track, albeit with its shortcomings.

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