Can Yaman is in Turkey!

The handsome actor Can Yaman, who played the leading roles in successful productions such as Early Bird, Dolunay, and Mr. Wrong, continued his career in Italy for more than a year and his fans in Turkey missed him very much, we’re looking forward to his return, and the expected day has come. After the shooting of the handsome actress Viola come il mare, ‘Disney Plus‘, which will start broadcasting in Turkey on June 14, will be adapted from the novel “El Turco“, where history and fiction are intertwined, and the Ottoman raider “El Turco”. He will act in the production where he settles in the Italian village of Moena after the Siege of Vienna and liberates the village from the feudal lords.

About Orhan Yeniaras’ historical fiction novel “El Turco”: “Ottoman Intelligence Officer Balaban Ağa, who was found injured by the Moena people during the Siege of Vienna, settled in this village and organized a successful peasant uprising against the feudal lords, who tied the people to tribute.”

Finally, it is predicted that the shooting of El Turco will start next month.

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