Dünya Hali − World State (TV Series 2021)

Dünya Hali (English Title: World State) is a Turkish-made absurd comedy and drama television series signed by Why Film. Caner Şahin and Pelin Abay are in the lead roles in the series. The series ended with its 20th episode aired on December 15, 2021, making it a finale.

Original Title:Dünya Hali
English Title:World State
Broadcast Network:TRT1
Director:Osman Nail Dogan, Murad Zaloglu
Producer:Ahmet Tarik Güven, Cengiz Satir
Writer:Osman Nail Dogan
Cinematography:Mustafa Dogan
Total Episodes:20

Dünya Hali Synopsis

In the series starring Caner Şahin, Pelin Abay, Tolga Tekin, and Ozan Çelik; Sinan (Caner Şahin), who does not stray from the truth at the cost of his life, tells the funny incidents that go through while trying to fulfill his grandfather’s will.

Sinan is an honest, moral, and conscientious young man who grew up with his grandfather’s values. However, he has not yet found the love he was looking for. When Sinan’s grandfather is on his deathbed, he makes an interesting will. According to the will, Sinan must find the girl who meets these three conditions and marry.

It is enough for him to get up early, appreciate the old one, and look like a honey badger. While trying to fulfill his grandfather’s will, Sinan finds himself on a fun adventure. On this adventure, he will be accompanied by his best friend Azim, his boss Güven, his family, close friends, and his grandfather’s mosque friends Burhan, Namık, and Talat.


Caner Şahin

Caner Sahin as Sinan

Caner Şahin (born 26 May 1992), is a Turkish television actor. His mother and father are retired teachers and he has two older brothers.

Caner Şahin was born in 1992 in Eskişehir. While he was studying Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, he left this department and moved to the Theater Department at Istanbul University State Conservatory. He made his first television experience with the character of Kadir in the TV series My Father and Family, which started on Kanal D in 2016. In this series, he plays with names such as Ayça Bingöl , Bülent İnal , Ceyda Düvenci, Sercan Badur and Erdem Akakçe.

Tolga Tekin

Tolga Tekin as Güven

Tolga Tekin (born 19 March 1973) is a Turkish actor. Tekin was born on 19 March 1973 in Ankara. After finishing his studies at Private Arı College in 1992, he enrolled in Hacettepe University State Conservatory and graduated in 1996 with a degree in theatre studies.

He then passed the entrance exam to the Turkish State Theatre and started working at the Adana State Theatre. After working at the Adana State Theatre between 1996–2004, he joined the Ankara State Theatre. For four years, he had a role in the comedy series Bizim Evin Halleri. He has continued to work at the Ankara State Theatre.

Pelin Abay as Kivilcim

Pelin Abay was born in 1993 in Istanbul, Pelin Abay completed her education at Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. Pelin Abay, who took part in her first television experience in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, played the character of Fatoş in the Gülizar series, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens in 2018, and took part in many theaters plays.

Ozan Çelik as Azim

Ozan Çelik was born in 1987. Ozan Çelik acted in films such as Cemil Şov, Dengi Dengine, Fi, Şeref Meselesi, Aşkın Kanunu and Nefes Nefese. He graduated from Bilgi University Theater.

Mert Denizmen as Yüksel

Mert Denizmen was born in 1986. He graduated from Haliç University, Department of Acting. She first appeared in the TV series Vatanım Sensin in 2017. Koca Koca Yalanlar, Bizim İçin, Şampiyon, Sesinde Aşk Var, Cinayet Süsü and Tövbeler Tövbesi.

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