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Ebru Şahin, Akkız of Destan, shared her belly button pose!

Ebru Şahin, who had a good start in her acting career with the Hercai series she shared with Akın Akınözü, is now giving life to the Akkız role in the Destan series. Ebru Şahin, who has 4 million followers on social media, is likened to who she is with her last pose.

Ebru Şahin, who is one of the names that does not fall on the agenda with both her acting life and her private life, continues her happy relationship with basketball player Cedi Osman. He recently celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday on his Instagram account. Ebru Şahin shared her low-cut pose.


Ebru Şahin, who smiles in her business and private life, has been compared to the famous actress Fahriye Evcen with her low-cut navel pose, which she shared on her social media account.

Ebru Şahin

Ebru Şahin celebrated her lover Cedi Osman’s birthday by sharing a pose of her with the following expressions: “I’m glad you laughed, happy new age my everything. I love you”

Cedi Osman

Cedi Osman, on the other hand, responded to her lover’s story with the words “I’m glad you’re in my life, I love you so much”.

Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman

The duo does not neglect to share lots of love frames on social media.

Ebru Şahin 2
Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman 2
Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman 3
Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman 4
Ebru Şahin 3
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