Yalniz Kurt Episode 14 English Subtitles Update

Yalniz Kurt Episode 14 Turkish Drama Series starring Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay releases on 29th April 2022 at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

Yalniz Kurt is a Turkish -made action and drama television series signed by Sinegraf, the first episode of which was broadcast on 28 January 2022, starring Hasan Denizyaran, Cihan Ünal, and Damla Colbay.

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What will happen in Yalniz Kurt Episode 14 English Subtitles?

Nizam rescues Şanver’s son and captures Viking, who upsets his plans, and delivers him to Isis. ISIS aims to avenge the Euphrates Shield operation and make propaganda by executing an important Turkish intelligence officer in front of the cameras. There is only one person who can save Sare, who has not yet returned home, from the region. Sare, who was injured during the operation, refuses to return home without Viking. Bevar, who continues his provocations to inflame internal turmoil, wants to stir things up over the children.

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Due to the unofficial nature of the Northern Iraq operation, Ahmet cannot intervene directly in order to bring those who left back home, but Altay is ready to cross the border voluntarily. While Mira is wondering about Altay, whom she hasn’t been able to reach for a while, Doğan tells her and Nizam. He has a surprise show specially prepared for you. Will the Viking who fell into the hands of ISIS be able to escape? How will Sare get out of Northern Iraq? What is the provocation Bevar wants to do over the children? What awaits Altay crossing the border? What is the surprise that Doğan has prepared for Mira and Nizam?

Yalniz Kurt Last Episode Summary

Dogan, whose house was raided by Bevar, takes action to repay Bevar in return. Sare and his team engage in a relentless conflict with the American soldiers. It seems difficult for Sare and her team, who are very few in number, to get rid of this conflict.

Nizam, who kidnapped the son of Turkmen Leader Şanver, corners Şanver and blackmails him into doing what he wants. Viking, on the other hand, asks Şanver to maintain his loyalty to the Turkish state and promises to save his son from Nizam.

Bevar is impressed by Kurdoğlu’s firm stance next to Doğan and prepares a good offer to lure him to his side. The balances change in the war for dominance between Bevar and Doğan.

Doğan takes action to show everyone that he has the power.

Will Sare and her team survive the conflict with the American soldiers? Will Viking be able to save Şanver’s son from Nizam?

What will Bevar’s offer to Kurdoğlu be? Who will be the winner of the war for dominance between Bevar and Doğan?

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