Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 English Subtitles Release Date

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, February 7th at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the StarTV‘s television series Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

The 18th new episode trailer of the Gecenin Ucunda, which was broadcast on Star TV screens on Wednesdays, was released. For those who want to see scenes from the new episode of the series, Is the new episode trailer released? Everyone is seeking an answer.

What happened in Gecenin Ucunda Episode 17 Recap?

Macide could not stand Kazım’s pressure any longer and finally decided to divorce. However, the rest of Macide both upset Kazım and put him in a very difficult situation. The appearance of Serra next to Ahmet has turned everything into a mess, and Kazım’s life has turned into a mess. Among all the problems waiting to be solved, Kazım succeeds in turning Macide from his decision, but now he will see a completely different Macide in front of him. Macide will no longer allow Kazım to throw her wherever she wants, and she will start to realize what she wants one by one.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 Release Date

Gecenin Ucunda (Poison Ivy) Turkish Drama Series Episode 18 starring Neslihan Atagül, Kadir Dogulu, Sarp Levendoglu, and Tuba Ünsal premieres on Star TV in Turkey on Wednesday, 7th February 2023, at 20:00.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 Trailer English Subtitles

You can watch the new trailer of the series on the video player below.

What will happen in Gecenin Ucunda Episode 18 Summary?

Macide was very upset by Kazım’s departure to Ankara without her, and her mind remained with him. In addition, the fact that only Nazlı was with Kazım made Macide very uneasy. Macide, who is very jealous of her husband and does not want to give up on Nazlı’s attitude, takes action. With a surprise decision, he goes to Ankara with the two of them. Nazli, on the other hand, is not happy with Macide’s presence. Will Macide be able to control her temper and eliminate Nazli’s threat? On the other hand, Kazım finds Macide’s friendship with Nejat dangerous. However, Kazım will act more calmly than Macide and will take care of his marriage to show power to Nejat. 

Where to watch this series?

You can watch this series on

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