Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2: Trailer, Summary and Images

The 1st Episode of Gecenin Ucunda will release on 12th October 2022. The trailer and summary of the series Gecenin Ucunda are below.

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What will happen in Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2 Summary?

Before Macide can get over the shock of being fired by Kazım, she receives another blow with the news from Ankara. His mother was detained in a gambling raid.

Kazım’s decision on Macide falls like a bombshell to the Işık Family. While everyone is wondering what Ahmet will do, Ahmet starts to implement his secret plan. On the one hand, while trying to make Macide forgive himself, on the other hand, he is preparing the trap that will drop Kazım.

When Macide saves Nini from big trouble with her healing hands, she enters the door of the Light Mansion, where she was expelled a week ago, this time as a hero.

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Gecenin Ucunda Last Episode Summary

Growing up in a poor family, Macide was educated in psychology but could not be happy in her business life. The life of Macide, who pursues healing and healing others, will change completely after meeting the Family of Light.

Ahmet (Sarp Levendoğlu), whom he has just met, falls madly in love with her, but Macide is influenced by Kazım (Kadir Doğulu), Ahmet’s older brother, who is known as the smartest and most successful businessman in the country.

The biggest obstacle in front of these mutual feelings is that Kazım is married. With the arrival of Macide, nothing will ever be the same in the Family of Light.

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