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Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 8 is a Turkish television drama series signed by BKM, directed by Altan Dönmez, written by Gani Müjde, and will be broadcast on Show TV on 21st July 2022. The leading roles are shared by Ertan SabanÖzge Özberk and Devrim Özkan.

What will happen in Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Episode 8 English Subtitles?

Seeing Sadi injured in front of her, Derya immediately starts to treat Sadi after her surprise.

The situation will not be easy for Sadi and the two former lovers, who will spend long hours in the same place with Derya and his fake wife Songül, whom he left years ago. Aygun, who learns from Celal’s note that Melek has installed a camera in the house, has a big argument with her daughter. With the last game played by Celal, Melek cannot control her nerves and harms her surroundings. Aygun, on the other hand, searches for an unthinkable place to control Melek.

Gizem, who decides to stay away from Mert after her conversation with Derya, decides to give her old love Araz a chance. While this decision makes Araz happy, it also upsets Mert a lot. Trying to find out why Gizem made such a decision, Mert wants to talk to Gizem but does not get the answer he expects. Songül, who blames herself for what happened to Sadi, goes to Kabakli Village again, but this time she has no idea what kind of trouble she will cause to the car she is driving.

The change that Sanem did not make in her directory causes her to think that her father has a boyfriend. Oğuz, who wants to meet his daughter’s boyfriend, organizes a dinner, but Ozan is not the only guest of this dinner. The five and Araz, who constantly come face to face at school, decide to choose an address and a time among themselves and share their trump card. While the treacherous plan of Araz meets the five who went to the meeting place, a phone call from an unexpected place will upset all the balances.

Sadi decides to confront Derya, which he did not do years ago. While he takes a sponge to the past between the two, where he took Derya, a bad surprise awaits Sadi, who comes home.

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Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Turkish Drama Series Episode 7 starring Ertan SabanÖzge Özberk and Devrim Özkan premieres on Show TV in Turkey on September 8, 2022, at 20:00.

Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Last Episode Summary

Tatar, who was hospitalized after being hit by a minibus coming from the street just as he was about to hit Yedi Emin, is taken to the intensive care unit. Sadi, on the other hand, realizes from the first moment that what happened to Tatar was not an accident.

Seeing Melek and Can enter Melek’s house together, Zülfikar can’t stand it anymore and confronts Can. Can’t explain why he went home because he promised Melek, Can can’t help himself from the accusation of Zülfikar, whom he calls ‘my brother’, and there is a big argument between the two. This tension pleases Araz and his gang the most.

Gizem falls into the trap of Okan, with whom Aylin argues at her party. Going to the address given by the organization company, the young girl does not know what to do when she sees Okan. Realizing that Okan will not be able to leave his house easily, Gizem asks for help from the person she finds closest to her.

Songül decides to go back to Kabakli Village to investigate the death of her family in more detail but is unaware of the ambush set up for her on the way back. This trap will lead to an unexpected big confrontation.

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