Iyilik Episode 9 English Subtitles Update

Iyilik Episode 9 Turkish Drama Series which will be released on 9th September 2022 at 20:00 on Fox TV. It will star Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, and Sera Kutlubey as lead role.

What will happen in Iyilik Episode 9 English Subtitles?

Secrets, lies, plans, threats, unbelievable strategies…

We are in the middle of a deadly game of chess. Horses are driven, pawns are wasted, and war horns are thumping! The river is silent, not speaking to anyone. Neslihan is unsure of whom to ask for help or what to do…

Murat disappeared under the pretext of suppressing the strikes in the factories, while he is on a boat tour with Damla. While Damla is on a boat tour, she presses the start button of a dangerous game she embarked on to get rid of Neslihan from afar.

Meanwhile, Neslihan, who learned the reason for Nehir’s silence with the help of Koray, makes an incredible plan to take revenge on Damla. Unaware of all this, Murat goes crazy when he learns a big secret that Damla has kept from him.

And finally, Damla, who was turned upside down by a big blow from Neslihan, enters into a big bargain with Şahika.

King and checkmate! A big surprise awaits those who come to the holding the next day!

Iyilik Last Episode Summary

Neslihan takes over the head of the board of directors and defeats Murat, who takes advantage of Şahika’s absence, but his superiority in the war does not last long. Damla sets out to get everything she loves from Neslihan as she takes everything she loves from herself.

It would be a blow to Neslihan that Sinan went to Murat’s side, Şahika was taken into custody as she came out of the hospital, the false news of Koray and the two of them were made, Nehir’s seeing the news and taking a stand against her and Murat taking the children from her after the news.

When Neslihan realizes that she is all alone, she loses herself and wants to avenge Damla in the most painful way, as she has nothing left to lose. Who will die in this war?

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