Hande Erçel made her sister cry with her speech!

Hande Erçel attended the ELLE Style Awards night, where the ‘best’s of the year were awarded the previous evening. Hande Erçel’s social media phenomenon older sister Gamze Erçel and her husband Caner Yıldırım were among the guests at the night.

Hande Erçel, who was deemed worthy of the ‘ELLE Girl of the Year’ award, thanked everyone who supported her after receiving her award. “Besides that, I want to thank my sister,” said the famous name, adding, “Because she takes on my mother’s style day by day and I see my mother in her.” she continued.

Gamze Erçel, who was touched by her sister’s words and could not hold back her tears, shared the video taken at that moment with her followers and tagged her sister Hande and used the phrase “You made me cry, colt”.

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