Her Sevda Bir Veda – Every Love Is A Goodbye (TV Series 2014)

Her Sevda Bir Veda (English Title: Every Love Is A Goodbye) is a Turkish television series, a mixture of love and drama, broadcast on Show TV. Gökhan Horzum andBirol Akbaba share the production of the series, which is produced by C Yapım. Dilek Keser and Ulaş Güneş Kaçargil were the directors. Nik Xhelilaj, Elçin Sangu, Devrim Evin, and Cemal Hünal share the leading roles in the series the series began broadcasting on February 3, 2014, and ended on February 24, 2014, in episode 4.

Original Title:Her Sevda Bir Veda
English Title:Every Love Is A Goodbye
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Ulas Gunes Kacargil
Producer:Birol Akbaba
Writer:Gökhan Horzum
Cinematography:Ilker Berke, Ferhat Uzundag
Total Episodes:4

Her Sevda Bir Veda Synopsis

Yusuf is a young man trying to stay afloat in the crowd of Istanbul despite all the difficulties he has been through. He tries to somehow hold on to life and finish the day without incident. The only thing that can get his life out of the way in this order he has established is love. Yusuf meets love when he least expects it because what he fears the most is Filiz, the daughter of one of Turkey’s richest men.

While it is already impossible for the two of them to be together, the fact that Filiz’s father Burhan is related to the death of Yusuf’s family will put things in a deadlock. Yusuf Burhan does not know about Kocadağ’s involvement in the incident, but his older brother Turgut is obsessively investigating this incident. Finally, he combines what he has been thinking for years and leads the way to Burhan Kocadağ.

While all this was going on, Selma, who lost her memory due to an accident years ago and doesn’t remember who she is, will return to Istanbul and started to investigate whether she has a family. His biggest supporter on this path is none other than Burhan’s son, Filiz’s stepbrother Nadir.

Cast of Her Sevda Bir Veda

Melisa Aslı Pamuk

Melisa Pamuk as Azade

Melisa Aslı Pamuk (born 14 April 1991) is a Turkish model born in the Netherlands, actress, and beauty pageant titleholder. Her family is from İskenderun, Hatay, Turkey. She won the title of Miss Turkey 2011 on 2 June 2011. Pamuk accepted the crown from Gizem Memiç, Miss Turkey 2010 beauty pageant titleholder.

She enrolled in a Psychology degree at the University of Amsterdam but abandoned it later due to her desire to focus on her modeling career. She also won the title of “Best Promising” in Best Model of Turkey 2009 and stands at 1.76 m.

Nik Xhelilaj as Yusuf

Elif Atakan as Filiz

Devrim Evin as Turgut

Cemal Hünal as Nadir

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Show TV

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi | TurkishFam | Osnsub | Kinemania

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