Adi Sevgi Episode 6 English Subtitles Update

Adi Sevgi Episode 6 Turkish Drama Series which will be released on 17th April 2022 at 20:00 on ATV Channel. It stars Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş as lead roles.

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What will happen in Adi Sevgi Episode 6 English Subtitles?

As Zeynep is about to win the competition, Volkan’s arrival causes a great panic in the hall. Although Emir catches up at the last moment and restrains Volkan; The delayed revenge that Volkan will take from Zeynep will be bitter…

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Realizing that Özlem told Macide that Zeynep participated in the competition, Levent does not forgive this mistake. Levent’s engagement throws Özlem into big jealousy over Elif. The incident, which turned into a scandal between the trio, puts it into Macide’s hands. While Macide is spreading the news that Elif has taken Özlem’s fiancé from her, life in Sarpça turns into a nightmare for Elif. The biggest support for Elif, who is in a difficult situation with the slander of her honor, comes from Emir.

Despite the agreement they made, Volkan’s attitude towards Emir makes Emir lose his patience. On the other hand, Doğukan arranges a meeting to explain his true feelings to Esma. When Esma goes to the meeting place, she finds someone she never expected.

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Zeynep’s freedom depends on Emir’s response to Ekrem. Ekrem; While he is rolling up his sleeves to separate Volkan and Zeynep, Emir’s meeting with his older brother shakes Elif’s trust in him. Emir, on the other hand, has a legitimate suspicion of the steps taken by Elif and Levent together. However, despite the conflicts between them, they have to cooperate with Zeynep.

As Macide’s pressure on Zeynep increases, everyone mobilizes to secretly participate in a competition to be held across the province. Although Elif is heartbroken, she and her students find a difficult method to persuade Zeynep. On the other hand, Gülendam infuriates Esma, with whom she lives in the same house from now on. Esma, who is unaware of Doğukan’s true feelings, takes her anger out on him.

Emir’s pressure causes a showdown between Ekrem and Volkan that both reveals the great secret of the past and threatens the future existence of Baykaras. Despite all the obstacles of Baykaras, Zeynep; With the support of Elif and her friends, if she can secretly participate in the competition and win, a great ray of hope will appear again…

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