Hercai is now available in Hindi & Urdu

Indian and Pakistani people can cheer now. Hercai has been translated by ATV in Urdu.

Hercai romantic television drama series starring Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin is now available to watch in Hindi and Urdu. It premiered on ATV on March 15, 2019. ATV has sold rights to air the series in various international markets, including most of Latin America and the United States through Telemundo, which premiered on June 22, 2021.

The series is now available with the name Herjai and you can watch this series on Youtube. Not all episodes have been translated but soon all episodes will be available.

Synopsis of Hercai… Reyyan is the granddaughter of the Sadoglu Family, one of the strongest families in Midyat. She goes riding and when Miran’s car approaches, the horse gets scared so Reyyan falls down. Miran falls in love with Reyyan and he would like to marry her. This news enables Yaren to take revenge on Reyyan since she takes away Yaren’s beloved one. After the marriage takes place, Miran and Reyyan go to their mansion to begin their new life, however, Miran ends the relationship after spending the first night with Reyyan. The reason behind this is that Reyyan’s father had killed Miran’s mother and father many years ago so Miran was brought up by his grandmother to take revenge for the deaths. Over time, the secrets will be revealed while Reyyan and Miran will try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.

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