Hizmetciler − Servants (TV Series 2020)

Hizmetciler (English title: Servants) Fabrika Yapım, directed by Metin Balekoğlu and written by Makbule Kosif, is a Turkish TV series in the drama-intrigue genre. Based on the MexicanTV series Ellas son … la alegría del Hogar. It ended by making a final in the 3rd episode, which was published on March 21, 2020.

Original Title:Hizmetciler
English Title:Servants
Broadcast Network:Kanal’D
Director:Metin Balekoglu
Producer:Öner Arslanel, Ali Leskay
Writer:Alper Alpözgen, Ahmet Ruhan Arca
Cinematography:Emin Cakir
Total Episodes:3

Hizmetciler Synopsis

The life of Ela, who lives in her own way in a small town, changes completely in one day when the grandchildren of the Atahan people, one of the famous families of Istanbul, are kidnapped. Life plays a completely different game for him this time while being dragged after the truth that brought him to the door of a luxury estate. 

He is now a servant in this luxury site called Cennet Konakları. As he gets to know different rich lives, he starts to see the real faces of everyone. Moreover, just like the rich, the servants who work in their homes also have secrets. 

Ela realizes that no one living here is innocent when the end of the hidden secrets is based on the lost maid of Atahan residents. Hacer, Atiye, and Cicek are also part of what happened. Because on this site, the maids do not only clean the houses, but also the “dirty” laundry that their bosses hide. In fact, nothing is as it seems in Cennet Mansions.


Deniz Baysal

Deniz Baysal as Ela Sönmez

Deniz Baysal (born 5 April 1991) is a Turkish actress. She worked at Karsiyaka Municipality Theatre for 10 years. She took part in various tv projects as well as tv commercials.

Algı Eke

Algi Eke as Atiye Kulaksiz

Algı Eke (born 16 September 1985) is a Turkish actress. Her family is originally from Artvin and of Georgian descent. Her parents divorced when she was a child. Her mother died in the summer of 2013.

Seçkin Özdemir

Seçkin Ozdemir as Yigit Atahanli

Seçkin Özdemir (born 25 August 1981) is a Turkish actor and former TV presenter, radio personality, and disc jockey (DJ). His mother is of Turkish descent, from Xanthi, Greece (Turkish minority live in Xanthi). His mother was born in Greece and immigrated to Turkey. His father is from Sinop. Seçkin has established himself as a leading actor in Turkey with roles in several of the highly successful television series, that includes The Girl with the Red Scarf (2011), Bir Aşk Hikâyesi (2013), Günahkar (2014), Acı Aşk (2015) and Kuruluş: Osman (2020).

Selen Domac as Hacer Tuna

Aleyna Solaker as Cicek Tuna

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Kanal D

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
TurkFans | Promix TV


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