Içimizden Biri − One Of Us (TV Series 2021)

Içimizden Biri (English Title: One Of Us) Process Movies signed regulations and screenplay Ersoy Güler ‘s assume that love and drama in the Turkish television series. Bora Akkaş and Özge Yağız are in the lead roles in the series.

Içimizden Biri Synopsis

Adam and Eve are people of different worlds. One is the son of an Irish Orthodox priest; the other is the daughter of a traditional Muslim and Turkish family. Although life has placed them in two orbits far apart, fate brings them together.


Faruk AkgörenBahtiyar Tatlili
Bora AkkasAdam Willson
Derya AlaboraEva Willson
Mustafa AvkiranHünkar Aladag
Renan BilekWilliam Willson

Where to watch

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English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.

ALAHindi | Promix Tv | Turkish123

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