Ilayda Alisan: ‘Burak and I get along very well and we both work with great devotion’

Successful and sympathetic actress İlayda Alişan, who started her career as the Merve of “Bir Çocuk Sevdim” and now plays the Asya character in Kanal D’s popular TV series “Seversin“, was the guest of MAG September issue.

İlayda Alisan “I am a twenty-six-year-old little girl who is engaged in acting, trying to be the best of ‘herself’. I love life and love people; chatting, listening to music, understanding people… Communication is important to me. “I don’t say that, but it is not difficult at all. Meeting my loved ones at long tables, drinking and eating is the thing I enjoy most. Thinking about my future also makes me very excited.”


The sympathetic actress, who always maintains her energy despite her intense work pace, said, “I love life, to live, to wake up to a new day, to stay positive. Whatever happens to me, I accept it as it is. I can say, ‘This is mine, this is my own feeling’. The formula of happiness “I think to love a person, a situation, a feeling, a life, but most of all, yourself,” she said.


Alisan, Kanal’D published in ‘Seversin‘, she said, “Seversin, the energy is beautiful, naive and it was a pleasant job to watch. I think the team’s energy is completely reflected in the work. Our set is so enjoyable, we laugh and have so much fun behind the camera that it turns out to be a dynamic job. Enjoy what you do in the kitchen of the business. “If you buy it, the material that comes out is also nice. I think that’s the secret.”

Burak Yörük and İlayda Alişan


Describing a fun memory of the set, the actress said, “I laughed so much when I said ‘record’ recently that we had to cut the recording many times. Another actor friend of mine leaned in and said something in my ear when we heard it again and again. She said, ‘Think about it, you won’t laugh.’ “I started laughing more. We took a break for five minutes and re-shot, but we laughed nonstop for those five minutes. It doesn’t happen when you tell it like that, but it was an incredibly funny moment. This happens to me very often. Especially on the set of Seversin,” she said.


26-year-old beautiful, “What is love for İlayda Alişan?” gave the following answer to the question:

It’s hard to describe love in one word. ‘What am I living?’ a telling feeling. It’s as if the power of you can do anything is being encoded. Everything seems much more extraordinary, complex, much bigger. I mean, it’s like ‘all your feelings are unlimited’.

İlayda Alişan

Famous actress, “If we asked you to give a message to İlayda, what would you say?” She replied, “Relax, don’t rush, let it flow”.


Asya in “Seversin” is a character that I really, really enjoyed playing, and I laughed and cried at the same time.

Seversin 2 - Turkish World

We get on very well with Burak and we both work with great devotion. We have a lot of fun together, I think this sympathy is evident on the screen.

She made the following statements about her handsome actor Burak Yörük, “If the energy fits, the thing comes out beautiful. We get along very well with Burak and we both work with great devotion. We have a lot of fun together, I think this sympathy is evident on the screen. Therefore, partner energy is very important. Even if you’re shooting a very well-written scene, if the energy doesn’t match, it feels like the scene hangs to me.”

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