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Gul Masali Episode 11 is a drama Turkish television series signed by Pastel Film. The series is directed by Sadullah Şentürk and written by Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu. It will soon be broadcast on ATV. The leading roles are shared by Erdem Kaynarca and Gülper Özdemir.

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What will happen in Gul Masali Episode 11 English Subtitles?

Gonca, who could not prevent Toprak’s departure, was destroyed. Even though her secret is revealed, Gonca is even more upset that she can no longer testify.

Rifat’s insidious plan worked and Gonca’s hands were tied. These events further increase Fuat’s hatred for Rifat.

Toprak, whose mind is still on Sırrı and Gonca, is waiting for the Italian plane to take off, unaware of what is going on. Looking for an opportunity to get closer to Toprak, Ece is determined to break her ties with Gonca completely.

According to Fuat, who opened new fronts against the Atabeys, Toprak must return in order to win the war. The only person who can provide this is Gonca. Gonca, who is in a difficult situation, makes a critical decision, but this decision will not please Tahir.

Arzu, who leaves home, takes refuge in Arda. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that he can’t escape from his family that easily.

How will Rifat respond to the blows his family has received? Will Toprak and Gonca be able to protect their loved ones from Rifat’s wrath?

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Gul Masali Last Episode Summary

Having succumbed to her feelings and unable to keep herself away from Gonca, Toprak is helpless. Telling all he knows, he says that he did everything so that Gonca would not be harmed. Gonca, on the other hand, is in great disappointment and does not want to see Toprak again. Earth, writhing in deep regret and pain, has to do something to make up for her mistake. Adnan Fuat has no intention of giving up. He takes action to finish his unfinished business in the rose field. He is preparing a wonderful gift for Halil, whose birthday is approaching.

Gonca goes to the camp to see Sırrı reveal the truth. However, the Secret has not been around for a long time. Determined to find him, Gonca embarks on a dangerous journey. As time goes by fast, he has to accept the help offered by Toprak. Bud and Soil, the Secret’ will he be able to find Will they be able to save their relationship that has come to the breaking point? Will Fuat, who has started digging again, achieve the result he expects? What move will Rifat, who is stuck in a corner, make this time to get rid of it?

Gul Masali Episode 11 Release Date

Gul Masali (Rose Tale) Turkish Drama Series Episode 11 starring Erdem Kaynarca and Gülper Özdemir premieres on ATV in Turkey on 4th October 2022, at 20:00.

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