Kalbimdeki Deniz − Deniz Inside My Heart (TV Series 2016-2018)

Kalbimdeki Deniz (English Title: Deniz Inside My Heart) is a drama directed by Hakan Inan, written by Leyla Uslu Oter, Berat Deniz Demirbilek, Kerem Bozok, Funda Çetin, Leman Akyar Esen and Can Sinan, starring Özge Özberk and Kutsi,and broadcast on FOX. Turkish TV series in the genre. It ended with its 60th episode on March 12, 2018, by making a final.

Original Title:Kalbimdeki Deniz
English Title:Deniz Inside My Heart
Broadcast Network:FOX TV
Director:Aysun Akyüz, Filiz Kuka
Producer:Efe Irvül, Yasar Irvül
Writer:Funda Çetin
Cinematography:Ümit Gabin, Ferhan Akgün
Total Episodes:60

Kalbimdeki Deniz Synopsis

Deniz (Ozge Ozberk) has everything a woman can ask for: she has a wealthy life and lives happily with her two lovely children and a handsome husband. She has been raised without seeing any hardship. Therefore, she is well-intentioned all the time and trusts all the people around her.

Deniz’s life turns upside down when her husband Alihan (Hakan Eratik) disappears with no trace. She worries about the life of her husband without knowing that her husband has left them behind and has run away with his lover Sebnem (Zeynep Aydemir) in order to start a new life. She also does not know that her cousin Hulya (Devin Ozgur Cinar) is the one who arranged this forbidden love.

After 3 days of Alihan’s disappearance, Deniz also loses all her wealth. Now, she has nothing and she finds herself in a desperate state with her two children and her father. The betrayal of her husband transforms Deniz’s life so radically that she will never be able to go back to the way she used to live.

Deniz moves into a new house in a poor neighborhood and tries to be strong in front of her children and her father. While struggling to settle in her new life, Deniz tries to do her best to help her children adapt to their new lives. During her journey, Deniz meets Merit (Kutsi) who will be a lover and be a lifesaver.

In this story, you will explore the story of a young woman who tries to adjust to a new life after her husband’s disappearance. Will Deniz and her children get used to living in a small house in a new neighborhood? Will Deniz manage to stand on her own legs?


Özge Özberk

Özge Özberk as Deniz Öztuna

Özge Özberk (born 13 August 1976) is a Turkish actress who has acted in many films, television series, and plays. Her brother is actor, Özgür Özberk.

Özge Özberk was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1976. She studied theater at Istanbul University and Mujdat Gezen Arts Centre. She gained recognition with her role in the Turkish film, GORA. Her most recent roles are in the films ‘Mavi Gözlü Dev’ and in a historical drama series called ‘Kırık Kanatlar’. As of 2013, she stars in the Turkish TV series Pis Yedili. In 2017, she started a new TV series “Kalbimdeki Deniz” as “Deniz”

Kutsi as Mirat Yavuz

Sabahat Kumas as Diyar Sarikaya

Hakan Eratik as Alihan Öztuna

Devin Özgür Çinar as Hülya Aksal

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