Kurulus Osman Episode 79 English Subtitles Explained

Kurulus Osman Turkish Series Episode 79 starring Burak Özçivit releases on 26th January 2021 at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 79 English Subtitles?

Osman Bey and his alps, whom Geyatu intercepted, are caught no matter how hard they fight. Moreover, the Seljuk sergeant and his soldiers, who would take them to Konya, also die. While Geyatu’s commander Osman and his alps are going to have their horses trampled upon and killed, they are saved at the last moment. Rescuers are Turgut Bey and his alps who save Kosses from Nikola’s hand. Kosses joined him with his soldiers.

Osman Bey and those with him accompany him to go to Konya to talk to the sultan and acquit himself. An insider helps them to enter the palace. In this way, some alps and Turgut Bey, who went ahead, entered the palace. Kosses is waiting outside with his men. Osman Bey also surrenders. Osman Bey tries to explain that he is loyal to the sultan. The vizier tries to convince him by telling about Alemşah and what he has done.

During his meeting with Osman Bey, a spy placed in the palace by Geyatu’s order takes action. They stab the sultan behind him with the Osman bey’s dagger, which they captured while he was a prisoner. He also attacks Osman. Osman Bey kills the spy, but the sultan is on the ground and has his own dagger on his back. Osman Bey bent over the sultan; With his hand in his dagger, the door opens, and nönkers enter.

In the Establishment Osman series broadcast on ATV screens, Alemşah promised Gündüz that he would give him Harmankaya, whose throne was left vacant after Kosses left. Nikola started to think that Alemşah would screw him over.

In Obama, things are complicated. Fans who don’t want to leave the Osman brain post do not want Gündüz to gather the brain board. Malhun Hatun wants to bring the alps to the camp and prevent the congress. Vizier Alemşah Gündüz advises Bey to drive the women out of the camp. Although Gündüz Bey did not want it at first, he declared that he was exiling them from the band upon the women’s revolt.

When the women still do not want to go, the parties facing each other attract each other. When the vizier Alemşah comes to the camp, the atmosphere becomes even tenser. Selcan Hatun has her supporters lower their pusats at the last moment. Brother does not want your brother to shed his blood. While the women had agreed to go, the Vizier; Malhun tells her to leave Orhan in the camp. According to the custom, it was necessary for the heir apparent of the tribe to stay in the oba. Even though Gündüz Bey doesn’t want it, he repeats the necessity of the ceremony and Alemşah’s order. Selcan Hatun makes Malhun leave her baby

While Osman Bey’s supporters, namely Selcan, Malhun, Bala, Aygül, Zehra, Demirci Davut, and their alps were leaving the camp and emigrated, Julia, who was informed by Alemşah, attacked the convoy with his soldiers. Bala’s pains that have been going on for a while have increased at that time, worrying everyone. When Selcan interrupts Bala so that nothing can happen to her, Julia injures her.

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