Kalk Gidelim − Get Up, Let’s Go (TV Series 2017-2020)

Kalk Gidelim (English Title: Get Up, Let’s Go) is a Turkish-made television series in the genre of drama, comedy, and family, written by Baykut Badem, directed by Mustafa Şevki Doğanand started to be broadcast on TRT 1 as of November 18, 2017, signed by Staff Film. The series, consisting of 3 seasons, came to an end with its 135th episode, which was broadcast on 31 December 2020.

Kalk Gidelim Synopsis

Mustafa Ali, the bankrupt company that he owns, has to keep his way to the village with his wife and children. But Mustafa Ali’s wife and children do not know that they are bankrupt, and they think they are going on holiday. What kind of amazement will Mustafa Ali, who has never called his family during his time as he was wealthy, return to his family?


Ufuk ÖzkanSeyfettin Dal
Erkan SeverMustafa Ali Dal
Ayça VarlierNurcan Dal
Mehtap BayriSevda Dal
Emin GürsoySefer Zeytin

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