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Kara Tahta (English title: Black Board) is a Turkish television series signed by ÜS Yapım, Kara Tahta Episode 12 will be broadcast on July 6, 2022, directed by Ender Mıhlar, written by Erkan Birgören, and starring Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner.

What will happen in Kara Tahta Episode 12 English Subtitles?

Bekir’s presence causes tension between Irmak and Atlas. Although Yasemin accepts Bekir’s help to get rid of the disaster she fell into, she is very nervous. Realizing this strange mood in Yasemin, Irmak and Münevver are worried.

Irmak realizes that Yasemin often talks to Bekir and takes her breath with Bekir. Families intervene to fix Atlas and Irmak’s relationship. Atlas apologizes to Irmak and they promise each other not to talk about Bekir again.

However, trying to learn about Yasemin’s problem, Irmak does not share this problem with Atlas. Atlas follows Irmak and is stunned by the sight he encounters.

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Kara Tahta Last Episode Summary

Aylin’s disappearance creates a problem between Atlas and Irmak. Irmak can’t help but blame himself for this. The whole city mobilizes to find Aylin, but one person finds and brings Aylin. This person is Bekir. 

Since he thinks that Atlas Bekir does not have good intentions in this incident, he experiences tension not only with Irmak but also with Arif. Asu, Hikmet’s unexpected guest, seems to upset all the balances. 

It is a matter of curiosity about who will get the most from the changing balances. While Irmak’s belief that Bekir has changed now deeply upsets Atlas, Yasemin has fallen into a big conspiracy.

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Kara Tahta – Black Board (TV Series 2022)

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