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Kara Tahta (English title: Black Board) is a Turkish television series signed by ÜS Yapım, Kara Tahta Episode 17 will be broadcast on August 10, 2022, directed by Ender Mıhlar, written by Erkan Birgören, and starring Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner.

What will happen in Kara Tahta Episode 17 English Subtitles?

Bekir’s game overshadows this happy day for Atlas and Irmak. The game, which ends with Irmak’s struggle for life, turns everyone’s life upside down. For the blood needed for the river, someone unexpected is needed. Hikmet and Yasemin tell Atlas about Bekir’s plot against Yasemin.

While Atlas is going to Bekir to ask for an account, Hikmet stops him. Together they decide to make a plan against Bekir. When he opens his eyes, Irmak will be included in this plan.

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Kara Tahta Last Episode Summary

Atlas suspects that Yasemin’s lost phone is creating such an atmosphere of concern. Although Irmak has to make excuses about the insignificance of the phone, Atlas is not convinced and traces who sent the phone. Irmak is happy to have a telephone.

In addition to this, Irmak and Yasemin are relieved by Hikmet’s ideas about the murder. Irmak is now sincerely involved in the wedding preparations. Bekir, who accepts that what he is doing is a game, has a big surprise come out on the wedding day.

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