Kasaba Doktoru Episode 9 English Subtitles Update

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 9 Turkish Series Starring Ozan AkbabaHazal Subaşı, and Deniz Can Aktaş which will be released on 3rd June 2022 at 20:00 on TRT1 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Kasaba Doktoru Episode 9 English Subtitles?

Erol’s falling ill and coming to the hospital upsets all the balances. Hakan has to quickly assemble a team to take the surgery forward. Yalçın does his best to isolate Hakan. Yalçın tries to lure Ömer to his side by claiming his mother’s treatment.

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When Leyla learns about Ömer’s lie about her mother, they fall apart. Thanks to a plan, Hakan shoots Yalçın with his own gun and melts the ice between him and Mine.

Things change with the arrival of Ömer’s mother to Uluçınar. Forced to do something he doesn’t want by Yalçın, Ömer is cornered when he is caught by Hakan.

Kasaba Doktoru Last Episode Summary

Despite all the pressures of the inspector, Hakan, who goes into İhsan’s surgery, is banned from the profession. While returning to Uluçınar Hospital, Leyla and Ömer witness a chain traffic accident. Since there is no doctor other than Hakan in the hospital, although Hakan is banned from the profession, he continues to intervene with the injured.

This situation frightens the whole team, especially Mine; But Hakan has another plan. A little girl injured in an accident changes the course of events. Since Yalçın could not get the performance he expected from Bülent and Berk, he started to think about other formulas. Ömer reaches his mother as a result of long efforts, but a big surprise awaits him.

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