Kayip − Lost (TV Series – 2013 – 2015)

Kayip (English title: Lost) is the detective television series broadcast on Kanal D between 13 September 2013 and 27 January 2014 .

The series was produced by D Productions , the story was created by Doğan TV Holding Kanal D CEO İrfan Şahin , and the script was written by Elif Usman . The series broke new ground in Turkish television history and was pre-screened for 14 minutes and 41 seconds in the middle of a series 3 days before its first episode. This preview has found itself at the top of the rating lists. The first 2 episodes of the series aired on Friday at 20:00. Then the broadcast times respectively; Friday 22:00 (4 episodes), Saturday 22:30 (2 episodes), Monday 20:00 (8 episodes) Monday 21:30 (2 episodes) and Monday 22:30 (2 episodes). Some time after the series was taken to Monday, it decided to make the final decision in the 14th episode, but later, upon the reaction on social media, this decision was abandoned  was announced that each 13 episodes would be a final in itself and the series would last 39 episodes as originally designed. joy of the fans was short-lived, and a month after it was announced that it would continue, the drama decided to be final again. 

Kayip Synopsis

This Turkish drama tells of a tragedy of kidnapping abduction. This series has 18 episodes and is full of thrilling scenes. In this drama the input element of mystery, instinct a mother and of course tell about the impact of infidelity. Figure figures also have their own secrets that are related.

The story begins with a rich family of couples from Leyla Şarman Özdemir and Kemal Özdemir, they have a pair of boys named Kerem and a daughter named Yasemin. Leyla is the sister of Murat Şarman, they have a company called Şarman Holding. Abductions begin when leylan and kemal are at a corporate party party at the same time Their house is only available to two children and their helpers.

There were two policemen who wanted to take the police to the police, and all the houses were frightened and the police brought the cliffs away from the house. Maid and their nany Mrs. Elmas also contact Mrs. leyla. And at the same time there is a message that kerem being kidnapped and the kidnappers prohibit police report, In front of the party appears to leyla, dingy and damp Assiten, ozlem so worry. moving any hostess leyla Was watched by a chill kidnapper that night.

And in other places the police car also met a red truck and it turns out the 2 policemen are fake policemen. The reddish truck carries the child. Bengkir kills the two fake policemen and then they burn the police car. The one who burned the car was fahri.

In a kidnapping abduction in guard by a man named Hasan. Hasan is so patient to win the chill., In captivity it’s just a softer hasan treating the chill, maybe his father’s instinct can not be erased. For the initial abduction of the kidnapping mastermind has not been raised, the home kemal and leylay appear to suspect each other

The figure of Falco mastermind behind the abduction of revenge to kemal and falcopun actually told someone. Falco or his real name is faik sasmaz is an ex girlfriend assiten kemal is ozlem. In the past they loved each other until ozlem acquainted with the kemal because of business, when it ozlem work in the bank while the customer is important kemal. Falco was jailed for the beating of a culprit in the cause of jealousy.

And because of that ozlem was fired from his job and then at the offer of a makal job. And they also established an AFFAIR relationship. Ozlem pregnant child until moist, yet leave Kemal could not leyla very loving wife would want to ozlem abort her fetus, it makes ozlem dna sadly disappointed. Although ultimately ozlem gave birth to the child but the child is finally taken kemal to the adoption of others.

Leyla also hired a dektective named Mehmet Katrancı, he is a former police officer who became a detective with a good ability. Mehmet is a recommendation from master mehlih family lawyer sarman.mereka is a classmate’s classmates. Mehmet and Ozlem day by day fell in love. Ozlem very sympathetic to the family of Mehmet is so homely and cheerful sister who happened to disable mehmet inch was in the chair roda.inci have a hobby of writing crime novels and inspired by her brother.

After mehmet’s involvement in the case he gradually gets a clue. Mehmet’s family was threatened by crime falco, Mrs. mehmet, cemile and inch was kidnapped in the incident falco and Inch in the car that exploded it makes mehmet hit and collapsed. Mehmet with his sister and mother

Even though inches are still alive.:D hidden somewhere.
Had been chopped off his hands by falco at the start of the kidnapping because of a ransom.

Day after day finally uncovered also about the kidnappers it turns out Ozlem is the main mastermind of the abduction

Ozlem story ends in prison and seek to know about the child Mehmet, Ozlem adopted in  german.assiten people who sempet fancied Mehmet Mehmet, gulrim married to a police commissioner who handled the case kerem.dan Kemal jailed for the murder of his driver Bilal behest Falco. Mr Murat then jailed also killed his wife because he loved Defne, when the incident. Leyla kerem was living with two children, a maid Leyla elmas and his mistress, Kadir. He moved to attend school with the help of the lady of leyla, Ozdemir family, Sarman.


Mete HorozogluMehmet Katranci
Asli EnverÖzlem Albayra
Kaan TasanerKemal Özdemir
Dolunay SoysertLeyla Sarman Özdemir
Ilker KaleliFaik Sasmaz

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Youtube | Kanal D

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