Kerem Bürsin was featured in El Pais, one of the biggest newspapers in Spain! Spanish fans applauded “El Turco”!

Kerem Bürsin literally conquered Spain. Participating in the 25th Malaga Film Festival as the guest of honor, Kerem Bürsin was applauded by his fans as “El Turco”.

Kerem Bürsin went to Spain to attend the 25th Malaga Film Festival, held between 8-27 March, as the guest of honor. He was greeted with great enthusiasm in Spain. Fans lined up to take a photo with Bürsin.

The attention of the handsome actor on the red carpet, especially while entering the award ceremony, was incredible. This situation was also reported in El Pais, one of the biggest newspapers in the country. In the news about the festival, he said, “As Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin passed the red carpet, his fans shouted El Turco.”

El Pais Kerem Bursin

Carlos Quillez, one of the country’s most famous journalists, wrote the following about Kerem Bürsin in his news: “Kerem shone with his own light, spreading his most seductive smile and extraordinary kindness to those who approached him, who were hundreds of people while I was with him. Kerem is a beautiful man, a great actor, but a better person. A simple man touched by the magic wand of talent.”

Kerem Bürsin gained a worldwide reputation, especially after the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” was broadcast in 85 countries.

Spanish fans were also looking forward to Kerem Bürsin coming to their country. Spanish fans, who shared their excitement on social media days before Bürsin’s visit, welcomed Kerem Bürsin with great enthusiasm.

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