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Barbaroslar Turkish Series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe. Barbaroslar Episode 25 will be releases on 31st March 2022 on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Barbaroslar Episode 25 English Subtitles?

Khidr and the levents, who were preparing to save Oruç and Antuan in return for the sacred items they had captured, were caught in a big trap and attacked by the treacherous soldiers that Shahbaz had placed in them. Will brothers Oruç and Hızır, who were badly injured in this attack, be able to get through the pressure they fell into and be able to reunite? Will Shahbaz’s treachery be obvious? What will İlyas do, who had to bring Şahbaz to the task of water chief by the order of Messiah Pasha and unknowingly paved the way for his brothers to be assassinated? What kind of confrontation will take place between Oruç and İlyas? What will Oruç Reis do against Messiah Pasha, who led İlyas to heedlessness?

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Meryem had slapped Şahsenem, who had provoked her through Hızır with her accusations. How will my person take his revenge on Meryem? Will Isabel finally be able to meet Oruç, whose path she has been waiting for with great longing?

Hamza Bey, the secretary of Prince Korkud, who came to Kelemez, said that Levitha Island should be taken immediately before a war between Venice and the Ottomans started. Will Oruç, Hızır, and their levents be able to conquer Levitha Island? What will be the new obstacles waiting for them on this path?

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Hizir Reis, who secretly entered Modon with Piri Reis and the levents, managed to stop Gabriel, who was preparing to kill Oruç, with the sword he put on his neck. Will Gabriel die? Will Hızır be able to save Baba Oruç and Antuan from captivity? Who, and how, will stop Messiah Pasha, who started a bombardment on Levitha Island with the aid fleet he received from Şehzade Korkud, despite knowing that Oruç would be killed?

Meryem shared her suspicion with Hızır that the traitor in them was my personal. How will my person harm Meryem, who prevents her from getting close to Hızır? Shahbaz, who learned that Khidr and his levents were going to Modon, was blocked by Şahin and his soldiers while he was going to convey this information to Gabriel. Will Shahbaz, who was taken prisoner in his place on the suspicion of forming an alliance with Gabriel, be able to escape? İlyas, who fell into the trap of Messiah Pasha and sent the mail, was accused of infidelity and received a big slap from Hızır. What will happen to İlyas, who parted ways with Hızır and knew that he would be exiled or executed if he tried to leave the hide? What kind of tensions will Meryem and Isabel, who broke up with Esma after their argument, experience in this process? When fasting returns, what kind of confrontation will he have with his brother, who has put on his coat, and what will he do to Messiah Pasha?

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