Mucize Doktor − Miracle Doctor (TV Series 2019-2020)

Mucize Doktor (English title: Miracle Doctor), MF Production signed, the first part was published on September 12, 2019 scenario Pınar Bulut and medically written by M. White Honor drama in the style of Turkish television series. In 2013 made South Korean sequence which Good Doctor’ from being adapted.

Original Title:Mucize Doktor
English Title:Miracle Doctor
Broadcast Network:Fox TV
Director:Aytac Cicek, Yusuf Pirhasan
Producer:Asena Bülbüloglu
Writer:Pinar Bulut, Onur Koralp
Cinematography:Ilker Erdogan
Total Episodes:65

Mucize Doktor Synopsis

The series is about a very special doctor, Ali Vefa ( Taner Olmez ). He has autism and savant Syndrome. The syndrome means that Ali has a special knowledge of one or more areas, although his social skills are lacking. His brother died in an accident when Ali was young. His brother was his protector and was very close to Ali. This is when he meets Dr. Adil

As a young boy of seven, he would read medical books and has retained all the information he has read. He went to medical school and passed the rest of his year. Now with the encouragement of his mentor, since he was a child, Doctor Adil ( Reha Ozcan ), he has a place in General Surgery as an assistant. Not everything runs smoothly for him especially with the lack of social skills and also the head of general surgery hoping he fails it’s going to be a long and hard-fought journey Ali Vefa is the new assistant surgeon, due to his autism he does struggle to communicate and show emotion. He also has Savant Syndrome which means he has an amazing knowledge of one or more subject areas. Ali has the struggle to convince his fellow colleagues he can do the job. Taner who plays the role of Ali is 33 years old. He studied at the Istanbul University State Conservatory. His most famous role to date was that of Mert in the series Medcezir, afterwords he starred in Kosem as the young Osman.

Dr. Ferman is Ali’s direct boss. At the start, he is very skeptical about Ali and what he can do, but is Ferman hiding something from his past? Onur is 34 years old and graduated from Ege University. His first role was a lead role in the series Filinta, he then went on to Cesur Yurek and has just completed Yasak Elma this year. A popular actor and very talented. Dr. Nazli is also an assistant doctor working under the leadership of Dr. Ferman. She sees Ali for what he is and helps him to integrate and look after him. She has feelings for Ferman but are they mutual? Sinem is 26 years old and graduated from Eskisehir Osmangazi University. Sinem’s first role was in the series Seyaz Beyaz Ask as Gulsem, although not much acting experience Sinem will show o her potential in this series I’m sure. Reha is a very talented theatre actor and has also appeared in several TV series. His most recent include Poyraz Karal in the role of Amir and his last role was as Fikret in the very popular Bizim Hikaye. Dr. Adil is Ali’s mentor since he was a young child. He has 100% faith in Ali’s abilities and even puts his job on the line he is that content Ali will make it as a surgeon.


Onur Tuna

Onur Tuna as Ferman

Onur Tuna (born 2 July 1985) is a Turkish actor and singer. He is known for his roles in Filinta, Yasak Elma, Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi and Mucize Doktor.

Sinem Ünsal

Sinem Ünsal as Nazli

Sinem Ünsal (born 21 June 1993) is a Turkish actress, best known for her role in the TV series Kızım, Siyah Beyaz Aşk and Mucize Doktor.

Hazal Türesan

Hazal Türesan as Beliz

Hazal Türesan (born 20 July 1985) is a Turkish actress and model. She appeared in Kara Para Aşk as Asli Denizer, Tatli Intikam as Başak, Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari as Yasemin and Mucize Doktor as Beliz.

Taner Ölmez as Ali Vefa

Murat Aygen as Tanju

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Fox Tv

Hindi/Urdu Language
MX Player

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
TurkFans | Promix TV


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